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Рецепт фиал песков где взять

Рецепт фиал песков где взять
Сложность рецепта: простой
Время приготовления: 13-37 мин
Количество порций: 2-6
Калорийность: 377 ккал/100 грамм
Белки: 11
Жиры: 19
Углеводы: 30

I want them to work for this. "I know, let's have them find the recipe via archaeology. "Yeah, it could be inside canopic jars. We could call the recipe 'Vial of the Sands,' because, you know, Uldum's got sand. "But not *every* canopic jar. "Right, right, it'll be a rare drop within the canopic jar. "Ooh, how about this? Let's add a feature to the archaeology program to make sure that players doing archaeology rarely get Uldum digsites. We'll boost the Night Elf digsites instead. "So, to summarize, here's what we've got: They have to wait for random Uldum digsites to appear. And when they finally DO get Uldum sites, they have to wait for the random canopic jar artifact to appear. We'll make sure they get plenty of other Tol'vir artifacts. When they finally get enough fragments to solve the canopic jar, it'll be completely random if the Vial of the Sands recipe is inside. This way, they'll be slaving over archaeology for months, painstakingly solving jar after jar with no apparent progress towards their goal. I was expecting many many hours of farming for this, but for once I got to be one of the lucky ones. Found all Tolvir rares, every Tolvir common 2-5 times, 3 janopic jars. Took me 21 Canopic Jars and 145 Tol'vir solves before I got my recipe, so just a little bit warning before you start chasing this one that it might be a longer grind that you can imagine! I got on the first which made me very happy. Before you get all mad at me because I got lucky and got it on the first try, after I completed a Tol'vir common item the popped and costing 150 Tol'vir artifacts was very frustrating for me to complete. I set my hearth to Ashenvale (15 mins with guild perk) and used Potion of Deepholm to get back to SW, and then go direct to Uldum. My strategy was to go back to Uldum everytime I saw a site appear. Several times the next one appeared there too. I would then just move onto next closest site and check each time. If it was in the North, I would hearth to Ashenvale then potion my way back if one appeared in Uldum again. I was lucky and got 4 in a row in Uldum one time. I averaged about a jar per day over 4 days (4-6 hrs per day) and recipe was in 5th jar. Just got it today off my 2nd jar. So stoked took me forever to get just 2 jars. I finally got this recipe. I spent about two months doing nothing but archaeology, playing approximately two hours per day (this time includes leveling archaeology from 0). I found it in my ninth canopic jar. I had completed almost exactly 600 archaeology projects by that point. I'm now only missing the four epic weapons (plus the six new rares added for 4. Patch seems to have helped some. Now you are less likely to get a dig site of a race if you have all or most of their artifacts - and since I have pretty much vacuumed Kalimdor for the last 5 months, it means I've got about 99% of what's gettable - except the recipe from Uldum - and now I'm getting Uldum more frequently. Of course random being random, that may not turn out to be any help in the long run. Two passenger flying mount. You actually transform into a dragon that has nobody sitting on your back, and can fly around that way or offer someone in your group a ride on your back. Don't have to be an Alchemist to become a dragon. Do have to be an Alchemist (and an Archaeologist) to make a vial. Don't have to own one to ride on someone else. (Alchemists Only) Get to (at least) 450, and 525. (Alchemists Only) Continue to do Archaelogy on the Kalimdor continent, specifically Tol'vir digsites if possible, until you get. (Alchemists Only) Open your and hope it contains a, and if so, then learn it. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 as necessary. While it is possible for the recipe to appear even if you are not yet at 525 Alchemy, it will only appear to Alchemists of a certain level of skill; so I recommend staying on the safe side and getting to 525 Alchemy first. You'll need it anyway to actually learn the recipe! Hopefully you can figure out how to do this on your own. Save up 29000 gold or the following items: will cost 5000 gold. X will cost 3000 gold each for a total of 24000 gold. These mats can only be bought from in the far northwest of Uldum. Finding any of these mats for cheaper than the listed price on the Auction House is unlikely, but possible*, so make sure you check because it could save you money. Obviously, don't buy them for more than the listed price. The mats from Steps 4 and 5 will be used to make the vial. If you are not an Alchemist, you will need to find one that has completed Step 3 and you'll have to give them the mats to make it. The mats in Step 5 are bought from a vendor so the guild perk can be used for a discount. No other forms of discounts are currently known. If you do not have this perk, you can check the Auction House to see if someone who does is selling at a discount. Since it could potentially save you money, why not check? Make sure you protect yourself! If you get scammed, GM's can and will take action to get your gold and/or mats back, just open a ticket. In order for them to confirm it was a scam, make sure the entire transaction is negotiated using in-game text chat so the GM can read the chat log and confirm that you have been scammed. (Hopefully this won't happen anyway, but 29k+ in mats is a respectable chunk of money, so make sure to cover your bases. This 'scam protection' is provided for all forms of scams, including the 'give you the mats to make an item and you keep them and give me nothing' scam, as scamming is against the ToS! I recommend, for Alchemists making this for yourself, after you make your first one, check your realm to see if there's anyone willing to buy this for extremely high prices (like, 60k or higher, perhaps even 80k). If you get enough profit, make another one and attempt to sell it. Keep going until you don't get any buyers for awhile, making and selling one by one, and then if you go a long time and can't sell your current one for a profit, THEN learn it yourself. First of all, please note that you HAVE to have alchemy to have this drop from a canopic jar which is from farming tol'vir dig sites. So you need max archeology and have to have alchemy of any skill from what i've seen. The jar drops at least once for every 10 artifects from expiriance and it takes 3 + jar drops to get the recipe. I have never gone passed 15 jars without it dropping. The mats for the actual potion are very expensive and if you can con someone to buy it for 10k lmao you're either very smart or the dude is very stupid. We plan to add daily quests, a deeper story, additional skill gains, and the flexibility to focus on a specific race. The latter should allow for a better chance on this recipe in the future if you focus on the tol'vir. Finally found it, I also have Tyrande's Favorite doll to show for all the silly Night Elf fragments and have almost completed archaeology as I took a detour through Northrend and Outland to complete the rares for Orc, Draenei, Nerubian and Vrykul. I have various painting and writing projects so I do these while flying in windowed mode, it makes it easier. It took me 20 canopic jars before i got it, reading all the comments of people who got it in less than 10 makes me cry >. To anyone who cares it was my 98th tolvir common solve. Of 20 rares (all found on Kalimdor). I wished the recipe was BoA because my main just got this and he isn't an alchemist. According to, the recipe has approximately a 10% drop chance. By the, each time you open a jar you can consider the probability of not receiving the recipe as 0. N, where n is the number of jars you've opened and starts incrementing at 1. Thus the probability of not getting the recipe from 1 jar is 0. The probability of not getting the recipe from 2 jars is 0. So we would expect about 50% of people to receive the recipe in 7 jars or less. And if you get to 43 jars you'll be pushed into the 1st percentile. If you have enough tenacity to get this far and still be going after the recipe I recommend you immediately stop trying and never go to Vegas. Thought this was a neat little way to create some milestones. I'm thinking that if I get to 29 I'll stop. Having been schooled in science the 5th percentile is all the stubbornness I think I can muster. Now if statistics would just stop abusing me by forcing me to go three days at a time without a single jar showing up as my next project, I'll be a much happier person. Finally got this from my 21st jar with 144 tol'vir artifacts solved. This took about four months although I stopped few weeks before 4. And waited for the promised digsite spawn change. I also leveled alts during this project so I didn't dig 24/7 or anything. If someone asked for advice I'd tell them not to start digging. The mount is not worth it. Find someone else with the recipe and have them craft it for you before you become so obsessed that you can't stop. But if you consider yourself lucky and try to go after the recipe I'd suggest that you watch some tv series or listen podcasts while digging to distract you from the boredom. Really a waist of your life to get this item after farming for time and time i can say the change to get this is so low that your mostly screwed. The Goblin Discount does not work for the Vendoritems anymore from now on. Only the 10% Guildperk works now and makes the lowest price to be 26'100 Gold. Is it true that the recipe itself doesn't appear if you're not an alchemist at the moment of solving the canopic? I quit the game because of the frustration I went through trying to get this damn vial when Cataclysm first came out. I spend weeks leveling my Alchemist to the max archaeology, only to go through about 15 jars and not get the damn recipe. I guess I just got turned off because I spent ALL my time focusing on getting the recipe and not doing other things in game. That was last year, and now I am going to play again. This time I will space out my hunting for the recipe with other in game things I enjoy until I get it. Reading all of the messages makes me feel kind of bad for wanting to share this but I got the Recipe: Vial of the Sands after opening my second Canopic Jar. Obviously I was ecstatic, only to bump against the next obstacle: the costs to make the damn vial. All in all it costs me roughly 36K gold to make!

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